Hey, my name's Deborah. You can call me Debz :)
Just a 20 year-old girl waiting for the right guy...
That guy that every girl knows...
Who visits her in her dreams, roaming her subconscious mind but never materialises...
*sigh* I guess this is an outlet for my romantic ramblings, and other things that traverse my mind :3
All my posts are mine unless stated otherwise ;)
Did I mention that I'm staying a virgin 'til I get married?? Apparently that's rare these days... :/

Waiting For Love...

and other things ;)

Train Of Thought

It emerges, as a single carriage, out of the tunnel of nothingness,
Travelling at the speed of thought
Along self-set tracks surfacing on the foundation of your mind.

As you continue to think in relation to that original thought,
New carriages adjoin themselves to it,
Extending the train as far as you think it in the limitless depths of your mind.

Random thoughts birthed and thought as you’re thinking other thoughts
Synthesise in parallel, creating an interconnected railway of opinions, ponderings, reflections,
That can collide, combine, or simply pass-by.

At the journey’s end, when your mind no longer dwells on that thought,
The train fades as easily as it came
Into nothing but a diffusing haze.